Things from my past and present that don't quite fit anywhere else on this web site.

Promotional material for Darwin The Series. It features Karl Kenzler and me! I edited this.

The debate is heating up! Who will Charlie choose, Leo or Michael? Find out in Darwin the Series season 1. You will not be sorry.

That's me in my favorite stage sword fight I have ever been in. I loved playing Mercutio. I produced this video but Aaron Johnson really put it together. One of the few things on this site that I only produced and did not edit.... but I did swing the sword.

Mike Munson is a brilliant artist! I love this little video that I shot on my iphone celebrating a production of Romeo and Juliet directed by Doug Scholz-Carlson. I put it together in a day.

Some fun backstage stories from The Great River Shakespeare Festival

An extra feature for Darwin The Series. Watch the show and you will understand this clip. A lot of fun to shoot.